Obsessed With the Shining

by:   |   Dec 9 2013

I’ve been crazy about The Shining since way, way back, but I’m definitely not the only one with that fixation. Countless weirdos across the globe have devoted their time and energy to dissecting and worshipping this modern horror classic. (For further proof, check out the documentary Room 237, which centers on some of the top Shining conspiracy theories.) Check out these amazing creations honoring the cult that is The Shining:


The artist Clair Monoghan made these tiny sculptural portraits of the cast. OMG, so good, right?


Shining manicure (!!) by British nail artist Kayleigh O’Connor. Check out her work here. 


shining danny sweater

Outfit yourself in Danny’s infamous Apollo 11 sweater, which you can pick up on Etsy (of course).


 Creepify your couch with this Shelley Duvall pillow, made by yours truly. Very comforting, no?


The Etsy seller BlingsToPayTheBills created these genius necklaces, which would make a perfect gift to share with your best friend or sister. Twinsies! 

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