Super-Gay Club Bangers

by:   |   Dec 11 2013

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Hip-hop is fantastic and EDM sometimes does the trick, but when I’m really ready to wild out on the dancefloor, all I want to hear are histrionic ’70s/’80s dance tunes; preferably those that were blasting during those decades from the massive speakers at the gay clubs in NYC and San Francisco. And while I love “Mighty Real” as much as the next girl, it’s gratifying to dig deeper into the crates. Below are some killer gay club hits that’ll make the perfect accompaniment to a night of sweating your ass off with a pocket full of poppers. Or, you know, an evening in!

South Shore Commission: “Free Man”


Carl Bean: “I Was Born This Way”


Patrick Cowley: “Menergy”


Modern Rocketry: “Homosexuality”


Miquel Brown: “So Many Men, So Little Time”


Eddie Kendricks: “He’s a Friend” (which is actually about finding God, but who’s keeping track?)


The Miracles: “Ain’t Nobody Straight in L.A.”


Harrison Kennedy: “Closet Queen” (Not a real club banger, but this video is cunty and fantastic.)


Top image from photographer Tom Bianchi‘s amazing series of Fire Island polaroids, from the early ’70s

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