Keep it Roomy: Caftans and Muumuus Forever

by:   |   Dec 13 2013

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What does freedom feel like, you ask? To me, freedom is a floor-length robe, a roomy housecoat, a gigantic muumuu. No restrictions, no rules, no shape: just pure, unadulterated freedom.

My obsession with roomy garments started back when I was a little baby thrifter. I think it may have spawned from the fact that a lot of these gowns (especially the ones from the 70s, my bread-and-butter, aesthetically) had such bold, bright, often-psychedelic patterns. These ultra-dramatic garments said, ā€œIā€™m so fucking glamorous, and really skilled at relaxing.” That, obviously, was a message I could get behind. I fantasized about the ladies who wore these gowns of leisure and what their lives were like. Some, I imagined, smoked weed all day and watered their spider plants surrounded by lots of woven wall hangings and patchwork quilts. Others lived in southern California and spent their days relaxing by the pool next to their glass houses, overlooking the Hollywood Hills. Whatever their specific situations, I knew that this was a crew I wanted to roll with: an elite group of women who knew the importance of keeping it loose, ridiculous, and real chill.

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