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by:   |   Jan 9 2014

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In terms of diving into Internet K-holes, Erowid is one of my favorite destinations. It’s a site where you can read detailed descriptions of pretty much every drug ever invented, like weed, coke, speed, and hydrocodone, obvs. But they even cover lesser-tried gems like calamus (a root that makes you trip–whaaaa?), lickable toads, and a bunch of acronym drugs that sound like medical problems, like TFMPP, DMT, and NBOMe. The user-submitted writing can be a little rough–weirdly enough, not that many poet laureates seem to write for Erowid–but I love that it lets you take a quick dip into shit you’re curious about, or even too scurred to try on your own. I’m most curious about and most scared to try salvia, the smokable plant that’s an intense psychedelic. And reading the stories of people who’ve taken it was, for me, like having a “Scared Straight” representative come scream in my face.

The user “Jinxed Fortune” (1000x barf on that name, but let’s move past it) reported that after smoking salvia: “I heard a calm, deep voice. ‘You’re [sic] reality is a lie,’ the voice said, ‘This is your existence now.’ ‘No! No! No!’ I screamed, ‘I can’t live like this.’ I felt this overpowering sense of terror…During this time, my wife said that I had a look of absolute horror on my face. I was on my hands and knees crawling toward her, but unable to speak.” Another useer, “Boogeyman,” reported that, while tripping, “I think I spent probably about 4 or 5 minutes standing flat against, or laying flat against my wall, squirming in terror.” Sounds like a pretty chill Friday night!

But even if you never intend to try any of the occasionally terrifying drugs catalogued on Erowid, it’s worth a long look, if only to read the tales of people who’ve entered the void, so to speak. And who’ve come back with at least some of their brain cells intact.

And while we’re talking tripping, do NOT miss this insanely lovely video of a girl in the 1960s being interviewed while happily flipping out on acid.



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