Whadda You Know About Amanda Lear?

by:   |   Jan 13 2014

I was cruising the site of one of my favorite trans-centric bloggers when I stumbled upon this photo of Amanda Lear from the 1970s. And you guys: it kind of blew my mind.



Who was this woman with the lustrous lion’s mane, and why was she so sexy? Why was she on a transgender blog? Why had I never heard about her? I had to know more. So I spent the next few hours trolling the Internet, looking for more information on Amanda Lear. And what I found was fairly fascinating.


The French model/author/actress/musician/muse/glamour girl’s highlight reel is complicated. She came into the big time as a dear friend and muse to Salvador Dali, who called their relationship a “spiritual marriage.” It was said that when they met, Dali complimented her on the shape of her skull. (Wouldn’t expect anything less from him, obvs.)  He was subsequently rumored to have paid for her gender-reassignment surgery, however, there was never a confirmation of her at-birth gender either way. (Her current husband reportedly doesn’t even know her real age.) Amanda seemed to get off on the hubbub around her origins. “It makes me mysterious and interesting,” she said. “There is nothing the pop world loves more than a way-out freak.” TRUTH. Who doesn’t love a “way-out freak”?!


Amanda modeled throughout the late 60s and 70s, rubbing elbows (and other body parts) with the likes of David Bowie, Brian Jones (the Rolling Stones’ guitarist), and other musical “it” men. Although she wasn’t known for her monogamous long-term relationships, Bowie seemed to hold a special place in her heart. (I mean, duh, that seems reasonable.) The years that followed were filled with an eclectic musical career—mostly comprised of Euro disco tracks and a heavy gay club following. She went on to TV-hosting gigs, and started acting in the theater in the late 2000—she’s currently married in France and apparently living a fairly private life. For Amanda, fame, fortune, and “passing” were the ultimate success: how it happened and in which medium really didn’t really matter as much. For her attitude and all-out gorgeousness, we at GAL salute her.






KPA88924.jpg AMANDA LEAR  (1979) ||rights=RM



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