Wish You Were Here: Products From the Back Pages of Vintage Druggie Mags

by:   |   Jan 30 2014

This is the much-discussed, never-to-be-forgotten first installment of Wish You Were Here, a column devoted to ads for products of yesteryear. See, the back pages of my vintage copies of High Times and Easyriders are packed with ads for trippy, offensive, and hilarious items that I wish still existed, but most certainly do not. (And I don’t want to assume the owners of these companies died from some kind of peyote overdose at a vegan convention in Reno, but it’s a fair guess.)

For example, I present to you the most mysterious game there ever was: PSYCH-I-OLOGIST & PSYCH-I-DICE, which are apparently “Occult Whirling Games” that will “lead you through the gates of the unknown.” I don’t know what the shit this ad is talking about, but I’m SO in. Do I want to “WHIRL magically on a fascinating journey into the future?” Fuck yes, I do! As the ad says, Ouija boards are total amateur hour (take THAT, Ouija boards!), so the next logical step is to roll the Psych-I-Dice. What that means exactly, I have no idea. Both these games seem to consist of a lot of spinning and surrendering to the unknown, which also seems like a good recipe for forcing yourself to pass out.  The saddest part is that we’ll never know.  Life is so unfair!

High Times Jun 76- ad misc-1


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