Pythagoron: The Album That Gets You High

by:   |   Feb 5 2014


Pythagoron may not be the best album of 1977, but it’s definitely the weirdest. It’s 42 minutes of droning “music”, and the primary difference between this and standard oddball electronica is that Pythagoron was created (via scientific research on brain waves) with the purpose of getting you high. Say whaaat? An album that gets you high? I’ve taken 3-foot bong hits that barely achieved this goal, so I was understandably skeptical that this nerdy experimental album was going to blow my mind. But hey, my curiosity was piqued, so I decided to give it a listen. I poured myself a glass of cheap pinot grigio (you know that’s how I do), turned off the lights and began my journey to trip my face off through sound.

gal pythagoron

So did it make me feel like I smoked one of Snoop Dogg’s blunts or ate three potent pot brownies? Unfortunately, it did not. But after listening to it all the way through, I don’t think that’s really the point. The droning sounds, which at first reminded me of a deranged pipe organ from outer space, put you in a place where your mind starts to wander into a dream-like state. After a few minutes, I started to imagine I  was in my own sci-fi movie: I was all alone, dressed in white, and traveling through tunnels of pink cotton candy in the future. Okay, so it sounds like I was a little high, but it was more like meditating.

In the end, I think rather than putting you into an altered state, the album helps you clear a place in your head to let your mind travel. and where your brain decides to go in that space is up to you. But near the 30-minute mark, I was starting to feel simultaneously trance-y and on the verge of a panic attack, which, incidentally, isn’t far off from some of my weed-smoking experiences. So there’s that. Apparently there’s only so much musical meditating a girl can take.

If you’ve got a hankering to try tripping out on Pythagoron, you’re in luck: the album’s on YouTube in its entirety. So strap on your headphones, and give it a shot:




 Illustration by Joanna Fields. Check out more of her work here   


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