Hot Foxes of Yesteryear: Bruce Springsteen

by:   |   Feb 10 2014

Everyone born after the 70s knows that Bruce Springsteen was a pretty hot piece in his “Born in the U.S.A.” heyday. I mean, there’s lich-rally an album cover devoted to his butt.

gal springsteen

But we don’t give much of a crap about the 1980s Springsteen, the one who was beloved by middle-school teachers and closeted firefighters. We wanna talk about the under-appreciated Bruce Springsteen—the pistachio ice cream of Bruce Springsteens, if you will. We’re talking about the pre-mega-fame, 1970s Springsteen. This is Bruce before he discovered shaving, and, let’s be honest, probably regular bathing, too.

gal springsteen live

gal springsteen perform

gal springsteen tank

Okay, so yes, 70s Bruce Springsteen is probably as likely to give you gonorrhea as he is to write a love song about you. And he may or may not live in a basement with a few guys who’ve made unsuccessful attempts at growing magic mushrooms under the kitchen sink. The only place he’s “Born to Run” is away from his landlord near the 1st of the month. But 70s Bruce Springsteen is a relentless charmer, the kind of guy who makes you smile even as he’s borrowing money from you. For all that, we salute you, Baby Springsteen. Now please give me my scarf back.

gal springsteen jacket

gal springsteen smile

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