Real Talk for GALentines Day

by:   |   Feb 14 2014

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Oh Valentine’s Day, what a mixed bag of feelings you bring out. From a cheap vase of red roses, to tear-filled breakups, to chocolate-covered cherries, to all-out hatred, V Day is a seriously mixed bag. One of my more memorable Valentine’s Days was in high school, when I had a terrible crush on a guy in my class. I hadn’t quite learned how to play hard to get, so my tactic to win his love was to harass him and be super-irritating until he paid attention to me. This plan backfired (surprise!) and he ended up slapping me in the face with a pink carnation. That flower in the face sobered me up quick on the whole puppy-love thing. Along with getting a wake-up call that this dude was a serious jerk, I learned to step back and reevaluate my romance game plan.

And although that was a fairly humiliating experience, it taught me important lessons about love and men that I still remember to this day: chill out, be yourself, and don’t force it. So as we celebrate yet another Valentine’s Day, and all the emotionz it makes us feel, I leave you with these images of love.

Aphrodisiac drawing


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Moon Love

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