Wish You Were Here : Quaalude Paperweight

by:   |   Feb 19 2014

Quaalude Paperweight

This installment of “Wish You Were Here” focuses on yet another gem from the back pages of a vintage druggie mag. Today’s item is a giant quaalude paperweight, and the question is: who doesn’t need this super-useful item in their life? And at the low-low price of $4.50 (about $23 in today’s dollars, FYI)? It’s like you can’t afford not to buy it.

To be honest, I’m not sure how much need we have for paperweights in today’s modern world, and even when there was much more “paper” involved in our paperwork, this was still DEFinitely an odd item to mass-produce. That said, I’m not quite sure anything says “Fuck you, I’m the boss” like a giant replica of a quaalude sitting on your desk. Your office immediately takes on an “executive realness by day, ‘luder by night” quality. Odd choice, Brother Bob, but something about that juxtaposition appeals to me. So for the record, when I become Executive Top Bitch (one of my many life goals), I’d like this paperweight for my office, as well as a nameplate on the door that says, “Boss lady likes to party.”

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