The World’s Tiniest Stoners

by:   |   Feb 20 2014

It goes without saying that we here at G.A.L. are in favor of the legalization of weed. But I definitely still gasped as I watched this Vice News piece on some Oregon families who’ve been trying an experimental cancer treatment on their kids: massive doses of cannabis. This 15-minute minidoc (I know, I know, 15 minutes is SO MANY of the minutes, but stick with it, please) focuses primarily on two kids who regularly take huge amounts of cannabis oil—in the form of cookies, capsules, and lollipops—in the hopes that it’ll lessen some of their leukemia symptoms and even shrink their tumors. It’s a pretty fascinating watch, especially when you consider that one of the kids, 8-year-old Mykayla Comstock, takes 1/3 of an ounce of high-grade weed (the equivalent of 10 bong hits), twice a day.

In terms of medical-marijuana use and the analysis of its benefits, we’re still in the Dark Ages. Will this kind of treatment be old-hat in 50 years, and will it be routine, say, for breast-cancer patients to get dosed with cannabis every morning? Or will scientists of the future look back at these weed treatments the way we do at leeches and electroshock therapy? In any case, this is a seriously intriguing look at some outer-limits medical ish. Definitely worth a viewing, so check it out below:

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