The Easy Way to Become a Grown Ass Lady

by:   |   Mar 4 2014

We all want to be glamorous, grown ass ladies, but if you’re not yet grown (or not even a lady), you can take a super-easy shortcut: Buy this awesome shit. Here’s some killer spring-y gear that’ll jazz up your style game and have everyone thinking you’re a sexy oddball who really has her act together.

Madeleine moodboard

To channel your inner Killer Queen Bee (and buy the goodies in this collage), click below:

1. Pepperink Vintage Flowers Temporary Tattoos, $15
2. Renathe Schneider Brown Fly Resin Ring, $28
3. Xperimental, Hoshi Ina Platform Shoes, $294.95
4. Lunette Vintage Pierre Cardin Frames
5. Alyce Paul Gold Dinosaur Tillandsia Planter, $17.00
6. Persephenie Perfume: Hina Vetiver Attar, $64.00
7. Unearthen Jewelry Pendulum Necklace, $368.00
8. Twin Hearts Vintage: Vintage Mod Pink Ashtray, $22

Thanks to visual genius and IRL grown ass lady Madeleine Bliss for the incredible picks, and the sensual collage.

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