Is This the Sexiest Book Ever?

by:   |   Mar 26 2014

Aphrodisiac Cover

Aphrodisiac may quite possibly be one of the sexiest books that’s ever existed. This 1976 book consists of passages from the works of Anais Nin, and is illustrated by John Boyce. The two were fans of each others’ work and decided to create this collaboration, with Boyce illustrating 84 erotic drawings set to various excerpts of Nin’s provocative writing. Everything from the graphic-yet-elegant line drawings to the ’70s Art Nouveau revival fonts are perfect, not to mention the super sexy writing (which is a mixture of classy and smutty—always a winning combination). Here are some visuals from the book; if you have a chance to check it out, please DO.

Aphrodisiac 2

Aprodisiac 3

Aphrodisiac 4

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