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by:   |   Apr 3 2014

Vampire Woman Stills

Santo Vs. Las Mujeres Vampiro (also known as Santo Vs. The Vampire Women for all you English speakers in the house) is a black & white film from 1962. It’s my favorite in a series of Santo-versus-various-evil-things movies that were released in the early ’60s. Who is this Santo you ask, and why is he so jazzed about fighting all these monsters? Well, El Santo, aka Rodolfo Guzman Huerta, was one of the most famous Mexican wrestlers of his time. His career spanned nearly five decades, during which time he became a folk icon and symbol for justice for the common man. Over the years, Santo also made appearances in a bunch of comic books and movies, where he was faced various forms of evil, and delivered some sweet, sweet justice.


After watching a few of these films, I naturally was drawn to the one where he fights the vampire woman (duh). She’s clearly the star of the show, and all the Santo-related action kind of takes a back seat to her. The basic plot is that a crew of vampire women are awoken by their leader, the devil, and are tasked with finding him a bride. I can’t say I understood it on a really deep level because—I’ll just be honest with you guys—this shit is in Spanish, and I could NOT find a subtitled version. So I watched it not knowing what the fuck anyone was saying. (I only know “kitchen Spanish” from my years in the service industry, so my vocab is mostly limited to “huevos” and “culo.”)

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Still, the action’s fairly easy to follow, and the first 12 mins or so of imagery is pretty killer, especially if you’re into crusty female vampire cults that look like they’re straight out of a dusty wax museum. The opening is chock-full of classic horror imagery like bats, suspicious owls, spider webs, and vampires emerging from their coffins, to be lead by their evil leader. In fact, it’s kind of refreshing to get back to the basics and keep things lo-fi—there’s no CGI, no color, no sexy teens. It’s just some good old-fashioned creepy lighting and caked-on makeup, with a dash of folklore.

The titular Vampire Woman in this film goes from gnarly monster to sexy temptress with the snap of a finger. And if you’re feeling like either of those, you’ll probably love all the below gear. Pick these goodies up if you’re ready to harness the Vampire Woman within.

Vampire Woman Products


1. Owl Eye Phone Case 

2. Vampira Zipper Pouch

3. Valerian Root Extract

4. Eyes Duffle Bag 

5. Black Crystal Earrings 

6. Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask 

7. Vintage Hooded Cloak Pattern

8. False Eye Lashes 

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