These Photos Will Suck You Into Their Vortex

by:   |   Apr 16 2014

There’s nothing quite like starting your day, sipping on your morning coffee, reading the blogs, and BAM!, you end up in a rabbit hole looking at images and video of an abandoned strip club in Japan for an hour. And when you see shots as amazing as the ones photographer Florian Seidel took—at a now-closed Japanese nudie club called Euphemism (holy shit)—just enjoy the ride.

I’m a huge sucker for abandoned-space explorations, especially ones in amusement parks and hotels. But frankly I’ve watched WAY too much horror to handle abandoned psych wards or hospital explorations. I mean, I ain’t afraid of no ghost in theory, but when you throw mental illness in the mix, you’re possibly going up against a socio-ghost and I’m not sure I’m ready for that. But I had to share these photos, because this kind of discovery doesn’t come along everyday. How often does one get access to an abandoned ’70s-era strip club? And one that’s this intact?

Although Seidel’s blog post suggests he didn’t seem charmed by the space—we obvs have very different aesthetic sensibilities—he documented it pretty thoroughly. Here’s a little sampler of his photos; for the full series, and a video walkthrough of the space, check out his site, Abandoned Kansai.

*Bonus: he also documented an abandoned Japanese Sex Museum called “Mansion of the Hidden Treasure,” and those shots are well worth a peek, too.







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