Stuffed Animals, LSD, and Pizza: A Chat With Killer Acid

by:   |   Apr 23 2014

His Res Studio Shot

Rob Corradetti (aka Killer Acid) is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work draws from the pop/perv/weirdo creatures that appear in his dreams and nightmares. He’s been working as an artist in New York for the past 13 years, and his work has been featured at Giant Robot Gallery (LA/SF/NYC), Printed Matter (NYC), the International Print Center (NYC), and the Print Center (Philly). Rob works in pen & ink and collage, and many of his drawings end up as complex, multilayer silkscreened prints. He started working under the Killer Acid name in 2010 and he’s currently focused on limited-edition prints, T-shirts, and other psychedelic ephemera. Over the years, Rob has made cover art, show posters and band merch for a ton of different bands, including Thee Oh Sees, Man Man, Blonde Redhead, Quintron, Ty Segall, The Black Lips, and Surfer Blood.

But more importantly, he’s a good friend. I met Rob about 12 years ago through mutual buddies, back when he lived in a converted artist’s loft over on 35th Street in Manhattan. Many fun drug-fueled times were had in that space, and we’ve stayed friends over the years. Both being illustrators, we’ve participated in various events together and had fun collaborating on a few pieces that we call “pillow friends.” These little stuffed creatures are the combination of Rob’s drawings & my sewing skills. Since we both have a love for stuffed animals and other stuffed oddities, it seemed only fitting that when he told me that he was documenting  some of his stuffed-animal collection, I was super excited to feature it (and him) on the site.

Stashe Pillow

One of our collaborations, the “Stashe Pillow”

GAL: When you told me you’d taken some photographs of your stuffed animal collection I was psyched—I love the idea of people documenting their weirdo obsessions for the world to see. What made you decide to do that?

Many of the open spaces in my apartment are devoted to various weird objects and creatures I’ve collected from trips, and they represent different times in my life. They are reminders of places and people. Some are gifts and some are things I bought, or traded for. I thought it would be funny to photograph some of these animals doing weird or mischievous things, maybe to reveal something secret about their personalities.

GAL: After hearing you’d taken some individual shots of some of your pals I thought we HAD to get you and the crew together for a group shot. Glad you came to my studio so we could capture the whole gang.

Rob KA Shirt

GAL: How long have you been collecting?

Since I was born! They gave me that stuffed Grover out of the womb.


Sm_New Grover

GAL: Do you mostly find things in thrift stores, or have you gone on Ebay?

No, these are all things I’ve collected from childhood, or had handed down to me. I did get a stuffed moose from eBay once, but it smelled like smoke, so I gave it away.

Sm_Sir Vagabond 1

Sir Vagabond (above) was a handmade Christmas ornament that ended up sticking around after the holidays.

Sm_Emperor Sugar Tuts 2

Emperor Sugar Tuts was [my former band] Mixel Pixel’s mascot, who lived on the dashboard when we were on tour.  He’s recently fallen on hard times.

GAL: Your stuffed “friends” seem to be a real inspiration in creating your own creatures and monsters. Who are some of your favorites in your collection?

I would say the Trolls are my favorite. They came from the original troll makers, Fauni, AKA Troll Forest. They have a fun little store in Wilmington, NC. I suggest everyone goes and visits them–also to see the filming sites from David Lynch’s Blue Velvet.

Sm_Honey Lips 2

Honey Lips (above), wilin’out!

GAL: Since you’ve got so many, it must feel crowded from time to time–did you ever think about getting rid of any?

My dad tried to convince me to throw some out when I was 7 or 8. See the below letter I found attached to my door:


GAL: That letter is the cutest! Do friends or guests ever get weirded out when they come over? What’ve been some of your favorite reactions to your collection?

I think people especially love the “enhanced” Kermit doll that my friend made me! I also find that most people own at least a few stuffed animals. I think they make us happier in general–especially if you’re allergic to cats and dogs, like me!

Sm_Kermit Suare

GAL: Your artwork is super psychedelic–what’s one of your more memorable acid trips? Did it inspire any of your prints?

My most memorable and only truly worthwhile trip was my first–I saw fractal airplanes against the October sky and trees with a billion eyes. I was with my three best high school friends on a perfect crisp autumn afternoon, in the woods and fields of Delaware. I don’t think I was directly inspired by what I saw on acid trips–but doing psychedelic drugs in my teens and ’20s definitely opened my eyes to nature and to the separation between modern society and the natural world. Because of tripping, I really honed the ability to focus and “zone out” for hours. I used to sit and draw for long periods of time. I think those drugs helped train my mind to handle most anything life could crap out.

Rob Robe

GAL: I saw you did a collaboration with the food blog Grilled Cheese Social, but I know you’ve done a bunch of pizza drawings and products. Do you feel like you’re tied to pizza forever? Why’d you choose pizza?

My great grandparents on my dad’s side were from Italy, so pizza was passed down in my blood! I drew a few pizza drawings about five years ago at a friend’s apartment and on a lark, I made some pizza stickers. From there, things started getting bigger with Killer Acid. I did some collaborations with Pizza Brain [a combo restaurant and pizza museum] and later, the band The Pizza Underground. I think I’ve been forever linked to the pie–but it’s really a tiny slice of my overall art! Now I’m finally branching out into grilled cheese.

Pizza Face

Photo Credit

Top Studio Photo: Bek Andersen

Individual Stuffed Animal Photos: Claudia Von Hillebrandt & Rob Corradetti

Rob & The Stuffed Animal Gang: Jenny Herbert

Pizza Face Photo: Hugo Fitzgerald

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