We’re Still Recuperating From the Launch Party

by:   |   May 5 2014

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If you came by MikNic Lounge in Brooklyn last Friday, you were probably greeted with some loud-ass hip hop, a weed cookie or three, and big hugs from Jenny and Molly. It was a rowdy, goofy, awesome time and we want to thank all the cuties that made it possible. So, so many thanks to our incredible DJs Matthew Moore, David Cox, and Alex Ward! And big shout-outs to Sue, Rob, Sylvie, and Maio for donating some raffle goodies, and general shout-outs to everyone for showing off your hot hot fire on the dancefloor. If you were unlucky enough to miss it, don’t cry too much, boo-boo. There’ll be another party coming soon, so keep your eyes on our Facebook page, and your ears to the ground.

Keeping it nasty for ya,

Grown Ass Lady

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