Getting High With Celebrities

by:   |   May 7 2014

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I am taking out my official notepad and writing all of you tickets for “Sleeping On It,” because I feel like I’m the only person watching the brilliant, and brilliantly weird, YouTube series “Getting Doug With High.” In it, comedian Doug Benson—of Super High Me and generally-being-the-best fame—invites celebrities to come on the show and get high (how many times can I use the word “high” in this post? Let’s count along together!), while talking about their personal histories with weed. They talk about their first times smoking pot, their weird drug experiences, and share some oddly personal information, all on what looks like the set of a 1990s public-access show.

But the main reason “Getting Doug With High” is so great and groundbreaking has less to do with drugs, and more to do with the fact that it lets you see your favorite actors/comedians/musicians in a state of total disarray. Because weed can knock you off your game and out of your comfort zone, Benson ends up getting the kind of unguarded, gonzo interviews that are extremely hard to find these days. I seriously can’t believe this show was made, so watch along with me, won’t you? At least until a lawsuit forces it to shut down.

Also, Benson doesn’t just get some low-budge WB type stars on the show. It’s a collection of all your media crushes in one place. Here’s the show with Aubrey Plaza and Alia Shawkat:


Sarah Silverman:


Reggie Watts and Broad City:


Natasha Leggero:


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