The Party to End All Parties

by:   |   May 12 2014

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Yesterday, I went to a block party so good, I think it permanently changed the chemistry of my brain. The Tribeca event was intended to raise awareness of a petition to have King Street, the former home of legendary nightclub Paradise Garage, renamed “Larry Levan Way,” in honor of the party’s longtime house DJ (that’s a shot of him above). And why should anyone give a shit? Well not only did the club, which was open from 1977-1987, establish an inclusive, LGBT-friendly scene, but it was the birthplace of New York house and garage music scene. This buckwild, all-night party counted Mick Jagger, Madonna, and Grace Jones as fans, and was home to countless amazing DJs, including Larry, Frankie Knuckles, and Nicky Siano.

The weather couldn’t have been nicer and the crowd was filled with a friendly mix of of folks including old-school house heads, otters (think gay bears, only sized down), Voguers, androgynous twentysomethings, and breakdancers; every race, gender, sexual orientation, and generation was represented. And they all came together to celebrate killer jams, dancing, and love. I was there for hours and didn’t see one creepy thing go down which says a lot, considering the crowd numbered in the thousands. It was pretty much heaven on earth.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I looked to my side and realized I was dancing next to Lady Miss Kier, the 90s icon, female trailblazer, musical genius behind Deee-Lite, and style icon. Fucking hell. So I dork-ed up and asked if I could take a photo with her; she was super gracious about it, just like I knew she’d be. EEEK! Here’s a few photos and some video from the day. This was the best party of my year thus far, and a perfect way to kick off a packed season of outdoor shows and summer vibes to come. Here’s to many more sweaty dance parties to come.

Lady Miss Kier & MeMe & Lady Miss Kier

PG_3Ladies taking a break

PG_1This guy was an amazing dancer and lover of plaid!

PG_5P.L.O. = my favorite new organization

PG_2“I heart house” armbands

PG_taco shirtThis Lady’s amazing taco shirt!

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