The Secret of Tonight’s Full Moon

by:   |   May 14 2014


Grown Ass Ladies,  today is a full moon! But not just any old variety: it’s the Full Flower Moon. See, each full moon in a calendar year has a name that dates back to Native American culture, intended to help us understand the changing of the seasons.

May Full Moon

May, from my “The Year in Moons” calendar

Because I’m such a lunar fan, I made a calendar called “The Year in Moons,” which describes each month’s full moon and its meaning, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. Just in case you’re not hip to its awesomeness, the FA is an annually published paperback that gives information about the weather, moon cycles, astrology, farming, and gardening tips; in general, it just promotes a reliance on and understanding of nature. It also lists the best days to do various things. For example, today (Wednesday, May 14th) is apparently a good day to: “Can fruits and vegetables, mow to retard growth, prune trees, go hunting, jar jams & jellies, and slaughter.” And though I don’t do much slaughtering in N.Y.C., I still love reading this old-timey publication.  Since everything moves so fast and we spend so much time with our faces in our phones, it’s nice to remind ourselves to look up at the moon occasionally, and be thankful for what we’ve got.


For more detailed information on full moons and other mystical lady stuff, check out Mystic Mamma, one of my favorite bloggers on all things mystical and astrological. She has really thoughtful posts and beautiful photography that often help me take a breath and reconnect with myself. When I’m feeling a little crazy, or just need some inspiration, I head to her site; it’s my internet “safe space,” if you will.

Enjoy your night, and have fun looking up at the full flower moon, friends!

Moon Calander drawing

 Another illustration from my “Year in Moons” calendar

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