7 Gifs That Will Get You Through Monday

by:   |   May 19 2014

Okay, so you’re probably reading this while sitting under fluorescent lights at your desk, fighting off a Sunday-night-wine-binge hangover and wondering when you can make an excuse to eat the hastily slapped-together sandwich you threw in your tote bag. Do NOT panic, because you can get through this, boo. We’ve got just the GIFs you need to take you from your noon meeting to walking out that door and pumping your fist in the air like Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club. When you feel your patience fading and you’re about to slap Marianne from accounting right across her smug face, just come back here and breathe.

Just harness the regal majesty of Tina Turner:

tina gif


Say “fuck you” to any bullshit:



Keep calm when your boss throws some new projects your way:

hot dogs


Deal with any bodily surprises:


Step outside to take a breath:



Get a bit of work done (I guess?):




And remember that it’ll be 5:30 soon enough:

thumbs up


That wasn’t so horrendous, right?

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