ACK! Here’s the Best Way to Get a Ripped Bod for Summer

by:   |   May 23 2014

Okay, so it’s late May, and you’ve spent the better part of the last five months doing shots of room-temperature frosting and binge-watching episodes of “Kate & Allie.” But if you’re freaking out about the beginning of bikini season, there’s no need to break into a cold sweat—GAL is here to help. Just slap on some pastel Reeboks, dig your Thighmaster out of the closet, and say a prayer to Cathy, the cartoon patron saint of body anxiety and all-around agita. Better yet, buy some of this ridics 80s gear on Etsy, drape yourself in a caftan, and give the finger to anybody who gives your cellulite the side-eye.


Cathy Workout Spread_final


1. 30 Days to a Beautiful Bottom Book

2. Miss Piggy’s Exercise Album 

3. 80’s Exercise Jumpsuit/Bodysuit Sewing Pattern 

4. Tummy Toner VHS

5. Aerobisaurus Coffee Mug 

6. 80s Pastel High Top Sneakers

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