Your Ultimate Striptease Theme Songs

by:   |   May 29 2014

Las Vegas Grind Covers


I’ll admit itI might be slightly obsessed with stripper culture. Not that I frequent strip clubs so often; I’m not dragging my friends to Pumps every weekend or anything. I guess I’m more of a private pervwell, maybe not THAT privatewho follows strippers on Instagram & watches YouTube tutorials on ass-clapping someone’s face. (Only the universe can judge me.) I guess I’m just a voyeur that way.

So when a  friend of mine who’s a real record-head introduced me to these amazing “Las Vegas Grind” records, I was thrilled to have an audio peek into the ghosts of strip clubs past. What the shit is “Las Vegas Grind,” you ask? Basically, it’s a compilation of the 50s & 60s surf and garage rock that was being played in Las Vegas strip clubs back in the day. And of course, the album art is fucking phenomenal. (That g.d. Daniel Clowes cover is perfection.)

Beyond the amazing covers, the albums include some fun/obscure songs you won’t hear at your average titty bar. And since visiting vintage, still-operational strip clubs is a side hobby of mine, these albums are like audio gold. They’re the perfect soundtrack for letting your mind wander to the days of pasties and old-school bump-and-grind.

Here’s a few tunes to whet your appetite:

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