Dress Like Oprah, and Change Your Life Forever

by:   |   Jun 4 2014


When I stumbled across the 1987 biography Oprah!, I was reminded of the “opulent 80s” version of Oprah that dominated my childhood. Seeing the cover brought me back to a time where I’d come home after school to my mother watching this spiritual guru, as she spread the truth of the lady gospel. And as it is today, Oprah’s word was law.

It’s been a while since I tapped into Oprah’s endless pool of truth, so I decided to take another stroll through her garden of wisdom. Oprah was the queen mother of 80s talk, but many of us forget all the unique lewks she was serving during that decade. So let’s turn our eyes to the blinding fashion light that she emitted during those years, in the hopes that she’ll shine some inspiration and boss-bitch power into our lives. Gather round, GALs, and take notes from the Mother of the House of Oprah. Don’t worry: there’s plenty of gorgeousness to go around.


Harness Oprah’s shine and bring yourself into the light


 A sequined power jacket? Always.


Pretend like you have a fuck to give, even when you have none


Show the world you’re too blessed to be stressed


Dem furs doe!


Double up on the bubbles, my children


Boss Bitches can wheel around a wagon full of meat, and you’ll be like, “You do you, Ma.”

Oprah Spread

After extensive studying of Oprah’s ways, you will become the unique and powerful she-pterodactyl that you always knew you could be. You own everything!


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