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by:   |   Jul 30 2014

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You bring them into your house, you hand over your hard-earned cash to them, and you get high with them. But how well do you really know your weed guy? We’re introducing a new series called “Ask a Weed Dealer,” where we ask our friendly neighborhood marijuana peddler all the hot quezztions, and get some real-talk answers. Got some nosy-ass questions of your own? Send them to! But first, let’s get down to business:

How did you get started?

It all started when I was working at Starbucks—my friend used to call the company that I’m now working for. He was a pretty regular caller, so they hired him, and started hiring more people. There’s a high turnover rate in the biz, believe it or not, because of things like trust, and getting there on time, being nice to the customers. So people were leaving a lot, and they asked me. And I was like, “Um, YEAH. I don’t want to work at Starbucks anymore. Screw this job.”

Were you super freaked out when you first started dealing?

Oh yeah, of course. Anything you could think of that you think’s gonna go wrong, I was worried about it: I thought I was gonna get hit by a bike, I thought every customer was a cop, I thought I was gonna get arrested. But after about maybe two months, three months, I was like, “Whatever.” I mean, we go inside people’s houses. Occasionally, we’ll meet at Starbucks or some busy location, but otherwise, I’m inside your apartment. Unless they’re a cop or something, in which case, I’m screwed. But if we’re doing in a park, we’re being smart about it. We’re being adults. I mean, we’re trying to be.


Stay tuned for more installments of “Ask a Weed Dealer”! We’ll talk weird customers, the time WD got busted by the cops, sex on the job, and what you’re really paying for when you hand over your cash.

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