Watch This Lady Trip Her Lady-Balls Off

by:   |   Aug 4 2014


I’ll never get tired of watching videos in which people who are tripping describe what’s going through their head. And I can’t tell if I’m thrilled or depressed that there aren’t any videos of college-aged me on acid, talking about The White Album while eating a huge tomato like an apple. But thanks to the interweb, we can have a view into pretty much any human experience, including the magical world of LSD. In this 1956 clip, a housewife (with, incidentally, a very tight eyebrow game) is interviewed before and after she’s dosed with acid by researchers at the L.A. Veteran’s Hospital. Before tripping, she’s mild-mannered and slightly meek. Afterward, not so much.

And research into the healing effects of hallucinogens is still going on; this New York Times article goes into recent research on the therapeutic effects of tripping for terminally ill patients. The human mind, AMIRITE?

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