5 Stupid-Easy Tips for Polite Party Smoking

by:   |   Aug 21 2014

Sure, you can go ahead and smoke weed at a party this weekend, but you don’t need be a dang jerk about it. Our pals at FourMaryJanes posted this handy etiquette guide for polite stoners who want to make friends and get high; it was so smart, we wanted to share it with you. So read on!

5 Stupid-Easy Tips for Polite Party Smoking

By Nikki Danger

My perfect Saturday night out party pairing is two glasses of rosé and a joint. The rosé gives me a liquid boost for mingling with strangers, but the joint keeps me smiling during awkward conversations and long-winded introductions.

The result of this delightful pairing is a more patient me, an eager storyteller, but with less cornering and interrupting. And when my need for snacks kicks in, I’m uninhibited about hitting up the food table and mingling with everyone there. It’s a glorious combination for a party where I don’t know many people.

I usually wait to smoke my joint at the party. If I smoke before leaving, I risk getting distracted, sucked into obsessing over my outfit (not shiny enough!), playing with my dog (she’s so soft!) or searching YouTube (to find the perfect leaving-the-house song). Smoking at the party ensures I get out of the house first, sans distractions, and to the festivities in a somewhat timely matter.

Now that the cannabis stigma is easing, I’ve noticed more people puffing in the open at parties. And I bet you’d like to, too. So here’s how to smoke like a polite pro.

Ask Your Hostess

Text her before the party if you’re shy. Or when you arrive, simply ask, “Do you mind if smoke my joint outside?” Even better, invite your hostess.

Smoke Outside

Unless your hostess has pointed you to the party’s green room, do not assume you can smoke in someone’s house. Plan your outerwear accordingly.

Bring Your Own Weed

I used to go to parties in college armed with a shitty metal pipe and ask people if they had weed for it. It was a near surefire way to get free weed. But I’m an adult now with a job. I bring my own. You should, too.

Bring Your Own Gear

If you know the hostess well enough, you could ask her for glass, but nothing says college stoner like showing up without the tools to smoke. You’re an adult. BYOG.

Invite Others

Parties are the best time to find out who’s willing to come out of the pot closet. Smoking cannabis is as social an activity as sharing a bottle of good wine. Bring a premium strand and talk it up. Tell others what type of high they can expect. Get them excited about it. And then invite them to join. You might even make a new friend.


Reprinted with permission from FourMaryJanes

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