Jon Hamm’s Dong Finally Gets the Treatment it Deserves

by:   |   Aug 28 2014

When we first laid eyes on illustrator Rachal Duggan‘s portfolio, we knew she was a woman after our own hearts. Her line work and her sense of humor were both on point, and then she drove things home with a series devoted to one of our favorite pop-culture figures: Jon Hamm’s wang. This dong has been photographed extensively, but Duggan gave it the artistic treatment it really deserved. We’re hoping she won’t get freaked out if we have one of her pieces tattooed across our backs.

Duggan’s based in Chicago, and fell in love with illustration in college, where she studied art history. But we wanted to know more about her wang-spirations, so we pried into her personal life like goddamn James Liptons:

Why did you decide to focus this series on John Hamm’s cloth-covered penis?

First off, John Hamm is a major babe. A while back, some blogs blew up with pics of his massive bulge, and that recently came to my mind. I did a Google image search for “Jon Hamm bulge” and a million pics popped up (heh). I was inspired to do a small series focusing on his package, and people seemed to get a laugh out of it.

What were your main challenges with this series?

I think, when drawing people, the main challenge is getting the drawings to look like them. Sometimes I succeed at this, and other times I don’t. Capturing his bulge was probably the easiest because it’s so large and detailed. But I’ve also read that John Hamm is really annoyed that people freak out over his dong, so I kind of feel bad about that. I do not want him to be mad at me.

What inspires you about this particular dong?

Well, it’s not everyday that you see a flaccid penis that’s so incredibly large and visible through pants. And it’s not like he’s wearing yoga pants. It’s easily seen through slacks, swimming trunks, and jeans alike! It’s impressive and worth documenting.

 Are there other celebrity boners you’d be interested in illustrating?

I really enjoy drawing celebrities in general. Boner or no boner.

Do you have any advice for other artists who’d like to capture the majesty of Jon Hamm’s ham?

Take it all in.

What’s up next for you?

I’m working on a few illustrations for tote bags. Check out my website/Instagram for updates.

And check out Rachal’s Etsy page to buy prints of any of her awesome work!

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