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by:   |   Sep 17 2014

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You bring them into your house, you hand over your hard-earned cash to them, and you get high with them. But how well do you really know your weed guy? We’re introducing a new series called “Ask a Weed Dealer,” where we ask our friendly neighborhood marijuana peddler all the hot quezztions, and get some real-talk answers. Got some nosy-ass questions of your own? Send them to emailgrownasslady@gmail.comThe last time we checked in, our weed guy told us about his weirdest customer, and sex on the job. In this episode, we’re going to answer your burning question: how much weed does your weed guy actually smoke? The answer…will give you a contact high.

Has doing the job affected your own consumption? Do you still smoke?

[pshhh sound] Hell yeah. To be honest, before I got this job, I didn’t really have a lot of connections. It was always really hit or miss, finding it. Moving here, it was definitely much easier to come by. But when I moved here, I started working at Starbucks, so the issue was more, “can I afford it?” I would definitely say, because of the job, my consumption has gone way up, but that’s because I have so much of it. If I want to buy something, it’s half-price. And I get a ton of free shit.

On top of that, customers smoke me out. That seems to ebb and flow—some days, there’s nobody who wants to smoke, and some days I’ll get like four or five customers who’ll be like, “Hey, wanna smoke?” It’s weird turning people down, because some people have taken offense to it. I’ve seen the look on people’s faces when I turn them down, and the next time I see them, their attitude is a little different towards me. It doesn’t happen often, but there are sometimes where I’m really busy, and I’ve got like 10 other places I have to go, so I have to say no. Or I’ll just take a really tiny puff. I’ll fake it a couple of times.

When I first started doing this, I was like a kid in a candy store. I’d wake up, blaze, then I’d run into the city and get three, four, five customers who’d wanna blaze, and I’d blaze with all the customers, and then I’d get home and I’d blaze again. I did that for quite some time, and then after a while, my brain started feeling really heavy, and there’d be some days where it felt like there was gray ooze leaking out of my ears. And I was like, “Okay, it’s cool, I don’t know if I need to smoke this much.”

I mean, I’m a pothead. I don’t normally smoke before I go in, but if a customer offers, I’ll usually take them up on it. Otherwise, I’ll just wait till I get home, and puff then. If I’ve had a week where a lot of customers smoke me up, I don’t really smoke as much when I get home. Unless I’m seeing a movie, and then I’m like, “I gotta get high for this movie!” Or if I go to a museum, and I’m like, “Oh, I gotta get high for this museum!” Because I am a pothead. I’m like, “I’m so bummed—let’s get high. Oh my God, this is so great! Let’s get high.”

Some days I’ll smoke all day long, and other days, not so much. If I have a ton of shit to do, then I won’t because obviously I become like, “Whuuuuuuuuut?”

Is there a huge different in the quality between various levels you guys sell, or is it something only a connoisseur would notice?

We actually only have one tier, but I wish my boss would have a couple different levels. I think we have great stuff. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I think on average we probably carry 8’s. 10’s definitely would be a little pricier, but we try to keep everything at $50. I know that some of our competitors will be like, “Oh, we have $40, $60, and $80.” But we just keep everything at $50 and vary the weight. In my opinion, if you’re talking about the 8-to-10 level, the only people that can appreciate the subtle differences are connoisseurs.

Below 5, that’s when it’s really schwaggy-type stuff. The mid grades are fine for most people. There are differences, there really are, but it can be really subtle. Because there’s indica and there’s sativa, and then there’s hybrid-type stuff; the blend is where things get real fuzzy. I think a lot of times, what it comes down to is the taste of the stuff. Like right now, we’ve got this stuff called Lemon Haze that’s a fantastic smoke—a very giggly, fun kind of high. And it’s incredibly lemon-y. Like when you smell it, you smoke it, it tastes very lemon-y. When you get blueberry stuff, it should taste like blueberries. When you get Diesel, it should have a very pungent, strong, diesel-y, earthy taste.

I check out the Leafly app, if we get something new and I haven’t had a chance to try it. But if you read a lot of the reviews on Leafly, they all kind of sound the same, except when it comes to taste.


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