Hot Foxes of Yesteryear: Magnum PI

by:   |   Sep 22 2014


For this edition of Hot Foxes of Yesteryear, we bring you the rugged masculinity of Magnum PI. That TV series ran from 1980-1988, and starred Tom Selleck as a hunky private investigator (and let me tell you, he investigated alllll kinds of privates) living in Hawaii. Selleck’s character couldn’t have been anymore of a 1980s manly man cliché: he was the hunk with a porn-y mustache who drove fast cars and lived dangerously. And yes, I know it’s corny as hell, but I am buying it like a Bloody Mary on a Sunday.

Maybe my love for this private dick is due to the fact that I spent many nights of my formative years curled up on the brown shag carpet of our living-room floor, watching this show with my mother as she said repeatedly squealed, “He’s so sexy!” I think all that doting became deeply engrained in my brain and made me buy this obviously cheesy romance-novel-come-to-life of a character. (Adult Americans at the time, what was your excuse? Was the nation going through a collective carbon monoxide poisoning when this show was on the air?) In any case, let’s take a look at what the Magnum had to offer.

957757_ep84iwitness_posterJust sippin’ on a rum-and-pineapple in a hammock, rull casual-like


Fresh off the chopper in short shorts and a tank top! STOP IT

magnum pi ferrari

Keepin’ it straight business, rollin’ up in the red-hot Ferrari


Doin’ that classic PI spy thang in some high-waisted jeans


Where it all began: a book and a dream (of nonstop Hawaiian shirts and high-cut shorts)


Hangin’ on the beach with Ms. Fletcher!


Feeling smug with Cognac and a stogie



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  • JulaiOhMy

    OK so I once read an interview with Donald P. Bellisario, creator of both Magnum P.I. and Quantum Leap, and he said that he had wanted to do a crossover episode wherein Sam would leap into MAGNUM P.I. and solve a case. My brain basically hasn’t worked right since I read that.