Your New Favorite Thing: Welcome to My Home

by:   |   Sep 30 2014

In the Internet world, Brenda Dickson’s infamous “Welcome to My Home” video is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s the viral-video equivalent of a rotisserie chicken that you can store in the fridge and keep picking on for several daysit provides long-lasting sustenance. In it, the former Young and the Restless star shares her fashion tips (“Fashion is something that is acquired by looking at a lot of different fashions”), shows you around her palatial ’80s mansion, and stares into the camera with wide-eyed terror, as if someone’s always pointing a gun at her, just offscreen. If you haven’t been indoctrinated into Dickson’s world, DO NOT have a panic attack just yet. Welcome to my video:

Leather is always great. I wear a lot of it!


And, unsurprisingly, “Welcome to My Home” has spawned countless tribute videos:




One of the imitators was apparently threatened with legal action by Brenda Dickson *herself*. Not very welcoming, Brenda!

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  • Becca Kacanda

    holy fuck i think i just burned off all of the cookies i ate while watching this from laughing so much

    • JulaiOhMy

      She has “suede” me to a different way of thinking.

  • JulaiOhMy

    “LET’S TELEPORT INTO MY CLOSET.” You ain’t gotta ask me twice. I also like that she considers high-heeled silver pumps to “go with almost anything,” because that is part of my personal life philosophy, as well.