So You Want to Have More Sex…

by:   |   Oct 6 2014

So You Want to Have More Sex…

Have things gotten a little stale in the bedroom? Are you totally bored of having sex with the person you’re dating? Is the fading novelty of sleeping with someone new bringing your attention to their complete absence of redeeming qualities? Do you feel like you’ve just squandered 15 months of your life with them? Does this validate your fears that your unreasonable standards will ensure your permanent solitude? Are you contemplating riding it out as a matter of convenience? Thinking about marrying them anyway to appease your family? Well then we have some ideas that are going to SPICE. THINGS. UP.


1. Stop being such a prude. Say yes more.


2. Yes, you’re tired, haven’t showered in days and you’re worried your landlord’s about to increase your rent, but get your head in the game!


3. Be creative about getting yourself pumped up for sex.

Spice up your Life_2

4. Smoke more nuts!


5. Always eat dessert.


6. Don’t always default to the same tired old routine. Let fingers roam where they haven’t gone before!

Spice up your life_4

5. Switch up your location! Try doing it in a van: creepy sex can be a liberating experience.


6. Pretend you’re a stripper ALL THE TIME.

Spice up your life_5

7. Commit to your relentless vanity and install a mirror above your bed. Check yourself out constantly and own that shit.

Spice up your life_6

8. Do more naked activities together, like drugs, water sports, or wine-tasting.


9. Be nicer to each other. Stop being such bags of dicks all the time.

sandwhich share

10.  Open up. Sharing feelings and hoagies will bring you closer and make you feel more connected.


Good luck out there, you guys!

Opening paragraph by the lovely and strange Kaeleigh Forsyth

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