Baby’s First Horror Movie: Halloween

by:   |   Oct 22 2014


It’s that glorious time of year again; the air is cooling off, I’m pulling my light jackets out of the closet, and the leaves are changing color. Yes, Halloween is right around the corner. And I believe that in life, there are two kinds of people: the ones who love this holiday, and everybody else. It’s pretty clear which camp I’m in; ever since I was a wee baby weirdo, I’ve always loved fall and the spookiness that comes along with it.

Hand in hand with my love of Halloween is my love of horror movies, and my first horror-flick memory was watching Halloween (the 1978 OG version, obviously doye). It’s the first one I remember watching in its entirety, and it blew my mind. But I wasn’t alone—it scared the brown corduroys off every suburban kid who watched it. This creepy tale revolves around a psycho kid who stabs his sister on Halloween, gets confined to a mental hospital and then, years later, breaks out to terrorize the town where he grew up.


This movie didn’t just spook meit became a touchstone for me stylistically, all the while teaching me solid lessons about horror films and cool teenage shit I should be doing. It marked the beginning of my love of ’70s fall fashion (knit sweater vests, high-waisted jeans, oversized glasses, pigtails, clogs), home-invasion movies, Halloween rituals (prank calls, pumpkin carving) teenage suburban “parties” (aka smoking weed in cars, and having boys over while babysitting) and the strange realization that I was a little girl who was in love with horror movies. There weren’t many of us, after all.

This is one of the most iconic ’70s American horror films (along with Carrie). It’s not only terrifying, campy, and well-styled, but it features a strong female leada powerful thing to a not-yet grown-ass lady. Here are a few images and iconic moments from the classic Halloween which still inspire me, all these scary-ass years later.


 The power trio


The cast of hot babes


Sweater vest, tights, pigtails, high-waisted bell bottoms and Members Only jackets=hot schoolgirl looks.


Valuable teenage suburban-girl tips: smoke weed in the car, wear butterfly collars, and talk about boys.


No unpublished caption

Jamie Lee Curtis had her priorities straight with this patchwork coat (and using a giant pumpkin as an accessory).


Anybody home? Over-the-top hair and ridiculous glasses are here!


The classic ghost-with-glasses look never gets old.


One of the first rules of horror: Blondes with pigtails never stand a chance.

06._HalloweenRocking the “nothing but an oversized men’s shirt look” WAY before that Risky Business shiz. Watch out behind you, girl!


Also if you guys loved me, you’d buy me this useless snowglobe. Thanks!

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