Take a Joyride With Us

by:   |   Oct 27 2014


My dearest darlings,

I know you have daysas one promo poster for Joyride, the 1977 Melanie Griffith flick, suggestswhere you want to “just shove it and leave it all behind.” On those kinds of days, I recommend getting a nice little beer buzz on and letting this movie be anything you need it to be. Now, it’s not on anyone’s “Notable Films of 1977” list or anything, but the field that year included Annie Hall and Star Wars, so ya know, cut it some slack.

This movie isn’t an obvious choice, laying in an open field where just anyone can find it. But since you’re a cultural anteater, and you’re willing to do some digging under a rock to unearth treasures, I recommend that you lick this with your special worm-y tongue. It’s got depth AND it’s a perfect diversion.

In the flick, the main characters live out their fantasies by taking off to Alaska, which, instead of being the salmon-rich Mecca of their dreams, turns out to be, well, a little bitch. It’s so cold you can see your breath, and jobs are scarce. If you can get a job, the boss grabs your ass daily. You may get beaten up in the parking lot, or end up eating dog food out of a can. Dreams: such elusive little fuckers, right? But our heroes in this gritty-ass movie are played, as the poster advertises, by “second-generation superstars” (the children of Desi Arnaz, David Carradine, Tippi Hedren, and June Lockhartwhat could possibly go wrong?). They persevere and comfort each other with friendship, love, and by committing crimes. It’s pretty goddamn adorable, really.

And as a diversion? While this film’s plot twists read like a list of film-school absurdities, it views like a hot babysitter from your childhood memories. Shaggy hair (don’t care), strange unselfconsciousness, and boredom. But also sweet and fun! From the cars to the pants to the ELO soundtrack, the style is makeup-free coolness. Snappy dialogue reflects the times like glittery iron-on decals on ring-tees. There are sexy foot-rubs for any fetishists out there, topless hot-tub breaks and a near-ménage-a-trois for the horndogs, and car chases for the speed freaks. Even a peeing contest for the water-sportsmen among us. Isn’t that thoughtful? Go find it, little anteaters. Go.



And if you need to see for yourself, just check out this trailer:

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