I Didn’t Buy It: Leather Gauchos

by:   |   Nov 13 2014



If you’re wondering what to wear to your first day of work as Hell’s receptionist, I am here for you. You see, when a garbage bag and a dead cow love each other very much, in a special mommy/daddy kind of way, the Leather Side-Zip Gaucho Pant is the result. It’s perfect for that rare woman who suffers from combination Hot Knees/Freezing Vadge (I’d love to see the awareness ribbon for that).

Or maybe you want to use these leatherhosen in a teachable moment—perhaps using your miserably imprisoned camel toe as a visual to show exactly how the divide between East and West Berlin might have looked. Maybe you’re just looking for the perfect recipe for a punishing yeast infection. Or you need to pull together just the right outfit to wear to the Boston Pops Does Kraftwerk concert.

Imagine that. They’re only

Leather Gauchos, $16


Reprinted with permission from IDidntBuyIt.tumblr.com

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