Our Seventies Disco Dream Girl

by:   |   Nov 16 2014

Soul Train was a veritable treasure trove of amazing dancers, whose style and hair were so on-point, you could lose an eye from looking at them. During its 35-year run, it inspired generations of kids to gyrate in front of their TVs, and churned out one bo-zillion future stars. Speaking of which, that’s where Rosie Perez honed her mad crotch-thrusting skillz:


The lesser-known hero of Soul Train, though, was Cheryl Song, the ridiculously long-haired Aphrodite whose moves were hot, hot fire. She went to an L.A. high school and auditioned for Soul Train “as a dare.” And according to this fascinating interview, she wasn’t welcomed at first by the other dancers, to put it mildly:

“The first time [I performed] was scary. A lot of the black dancers did not like the idea that a non-black person was dancing on the show. I remember I was placed on the risers and some of the dancers were jealous and I thought they were going to jump me. I was called a ‘high yellow bitch’ and others.”


But it wasn’t long before Cheryl was proving herself as a dancer/badass, making friends, and getting featured in tons of solo spots on the show. In case you’ve forgotten the majesty that was Cheryl’s dancing, check out this helpful compilation:


Cheryl was always a highlight of the Soul Train dance linesthe woman could not only do a split, but dance while in one (I can’t touch my toes, FYI). And her hot-fire Soul Train spots made her in-demand as a backup dancercheck her moves in Rick James’ “Super Freak” video:


She was also in the “Beat It” video! This chick did more cameos than Meschach Taylor, AM I RIGHT?


Cheryl’s proof that when you’re in a tough spot, you just grit your teeth, flip your hair, and dance through it.



Gifs from Giphy and NudeBeat 

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