Glamorous Pubic Hairstyles for YOU

by:   |   Dec 7 2014

In case you haven’t heard, Brazilian waxing is so 2000-and-late: full-on bush is back. In the spirit of celebrating the return of pubesand instead of baking a cake to commemorate this cultural momentwe’re sharing these vintage photos from the spectacular and smutty VIVA Magazine. Instead of just trimming your business-area hair into a simple “V”, like some Starbucks-drinking plebe, why not sculpt and shave it into something ludicrous? Try a few starter shapes, like hearts or chevrons. Then move up to the outline of Ireland, the Coca-Cola logo, or feel the holiday spirit with the Star of David. And if you do try some next-level pube grooming, send us a pic of the results, so we can laugh until we barf.

Pubic Hair 1 Pubic Hair 2 Pubic Hair 3 Pubic Hair 4 Pubic Hair 5

Images from the August 1974 of VIVA magazine 

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