Shaggin’ Wagons: Customized Vans of the 70’s

by:   |   Jan 12 2015


It’s no secret that I have a ROCK HARD lady boner for the style of the mid-to-late ’70s. Specifically, I’ve always dug that California freedom rider, rules-don’t-apply-to-me-or-my-overgrown-bush kind of vibe. Recently though, I realized that while I love the visuals of biker culture from way-back-when, bikers had some serious flaws. First off, riding on the back of a hog all the time seems like it would be bad for my skin, and some of those dirtbags didn’t treat their old ladies with respect. I can’t be havin’ that.

Enter the ’70s van, my customized motor-vehicle soulmate. They encapsulate all my life’s top priorities: freedom, a hard commit to over-the-top decorative choices, and general decadence. They represent a labor of love and carpet stapling that I can really stand behind. There’s a precious moment in each of our lives where we have to ask, “So we should cover EVERYTHING in crushed blue velvet?” The answer, obviously, is: “Fuck YEAH, we should.”

How badass AND convenient would it be to roll up to a beach party with your carpeted “Stabbin’ Cabin” stocked with psychedelics, box wine, muumuus, tampons, music, and a place to get ruul chill? (It’s called sexual freedom, people!) It’s the perfect mode of transportation: you’re ready for anything and ready to roll wherever life takes you.

So feast your eyes on some sick customized vans, if you think your heart can handle it:


Red velvet + ’70s bush=ultimate freedom


 The Stabbin’ Cabin

Twinkle Patrol Van

 “Twinkle Patrol: We’ve come for your dreams”


 Stairway to Heaven


Classic detailing


The Mutherfuckin’ Spirit of America


Cleaned up and classy


Dream Weaver Train


Extremely chill entertainment center


 Shag carpeting softens the blows of this cruel world


 Crushed blue-velvet decadence


Celebrate your freedom, my brothers and sisters

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  • Qayyum Raffi

    Though I be 67 orbits old, I can still get up for these 4-wheel beauties.

    • Dan Holmes

      Yeah, but can we find an interested partner?