Hot Foxes of Yesteryear: Leonard Nimoy

by:   |   Jan 20 2015

We here at GAL are pretty far from being Trekkies: between them, Molly and Jenny have watched a total of “none” episodes, to be exact. So technically, we’re unqualified to be commenting on the show or any of its characters. But what we are qualified to do is have eyeballs and ladyboners, and using both of these, we were able to deduce that Leonard Nimoy—who played Spock on the original series, just in case you recently fell to Earth or are under the age of 20—was a real hot piece back in the day.

“GROSS!” you scream, pointing to the above picture and staring at us like we just ate a cockroach. But of course, he took off that mod tunic and stern expression when he finished filming each episode of Trek. And when he wasn’t looking so Spock-y, it turns out that Leo (can I call you Leo?) was kind of a groovy dude:

Baby Nimoy looks like the kind of guy who’s super into Steely Dan, occasionally dabbles in hallucinogens, and will weird out your mom by talking about particle physics at the dinner table.

And he shares my passion for baked goods!

But most importantly—especially for the purposes of this column—he was a stinkin’ fox:

And kind of a hipster?

And if those pointy-eared photos turn you off too aggressively, check out this irrefutable proof of his hotness, pre-Trek:

Beam me…into your pants, please!

While TV Spock was known for being detached and mathematical, real-life Leonard Nimoy wasn’t above being a lil’ nasty when he wanted to be: he put out a book of erotic photographs of Jewish women, Shekhina, in 2005.

For that, and for your general achievements in hunkery, we declare Leonard Nimoy to be an official Hot Fox of Yesteryear. [Insert relevant retro sci-fi joke here that only 50 year-old virgins would get.]

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