I’m a Prostitute, and Proud of It!: The Best Talk Show Titles

by:   |   Feb 19 2015

Besides keeping the sick and unemployed entertained on weekday mornings, The Ricki Lake Show, Sally Jessy Raphael, and The Jenny Jones Show all had one thing in common: nasty, hilarious show topics. Call it ratings-baiting or just good business sense, but some of the “issues” they tackled back in the ’80s and ’90s would make even Maury “My Teen Dresses Too Sexy” Povich roll his eyes. Here are some of our favorite dumb and sleazeriffic titles from the golden-age of talk-show trash:

Ricki can't stand you

Ricki he's gay

Ricki Identical Twins

Ricki Million

Ricki proud Prostitute

Ricki Trappy Sister

Ricki Sideshow

Ricki stop smoking pot

Sally raped by a ghost

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