True Romance: Rick James & Linda Blair

by:   |   Mar 5 2015

Linda Blair and Rick James, Linda says they're in love.When I stumbled upon these photos of Linda Blair and Rick James, I choked on my Cheetos and got Cheeto dust all over my brand new computer. (Goddammit it!) But lezz be real, who could blame me? Can you faaaacking believe this shit?! These photos give me hope that just when you think you’ve scoured the deep dark corners of the internet for all the weird that can be found, BAM! you find out that Linda Blair & Rick James had a scandalous love affair. And just like that, life has meaning again.

55b149bfe2dcb41The short and sweet story of their attraction began when Blair was only a wee bébé of 22! She told an interviewer at the time that James was her fave musician (she actually called him “the sexiest man in the world”), and her phone rang soon afterward; the rest was history. He was living in the Beverly Hills Hotel at the time, and they had a short-lived, two-year friendship/romance. She also appeared nude in the arty porno mag Oui during that time, which makes complete sense. I mean, obviously sleeping with Rick James would get you pumped for posing in a nudie mag.

File0309.2They drifted apart in 1984, because of James’ heavy drug use and intense lifestyle—Blair found it unhealthy and couldn’t be around him anymore. Plus, Blair had gotten pregnant by James and terminated the pregnancy; he was hurt by her choice not to keep the baby. In his autobiography, Memoirs of a Super Freak, he explained, “She said she was in the middle of shooting a movie and was starting to show, and she didn’t think I would care anyway. She was wrong. I did care deeply.” He also said that Blair was the inspiration for his hit “Cold Blooded.”


And as a bonus, here a 2012 interview with Blair, in which she talks a bit about how shit went down between her and James (it starts at 3:15):

Super freak, INDEED.

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  • Dr.Megan

    She was starting to show, so she had the baby aborted? Disgusting.