Getting Cheesy With Agent Lover and Her Pizza Club

by:   |   Mar 11 2015

When we heard that the blogger-fashionista-goth goddess Agent Lover (aka Marie Lodi) had started a pizza club in her home city of Los Angeles, we only had one question: When are we moving to L.A.? She and her pals meet monthly to sample the best slices in the city, discuss the finer things in life, and even adorn their dinner with truffle salt from a Cruel Intentions-style rosary necklace. Breathtaking. Unfortunately, not all of us can make our dreams come true on the sunny West Coast, but at least we can find out more about the gluten-y, cheese-filled gang that Marie has assembled. Curious? Pick up a slice of sausage-pepperoni and read on…

When did you start Pizza Club? Please tell us the whole story.

We officially started it in September 2013. A few friends and I would always get together for pizza and during one of those nights, my friend Levon (the vice president) and I talked about starting a movie-slash-pizza review blog. A year or so later, I ended up making a movie-review blog and then we started a pizza club, so it ended up being two different things.

What was your inspiration?

Obviously our obsession with pizza. Yes, pizza has been SO trendy on the internet for the past few years, but for good reason! I think it was 2011 when I actually went as a pizza for Halloween. We heard about other friends who had a pizza club, so it wasn’t a truly original idea. But it was like, “DUH! why don’t we just have a club instead of doing a pizza-review blog?” But what is original is…THE PASSION. We are VERY serious about the club. We have a Google doc that lists every place we have went to and in detail: what pizzas we ordered, who was there, what we liked best and didn’t like, along with other random notes like “website opens up to playing some Pitbull-type music,” “Yelp discount,” and “order the burrata!”

What are the titles and roles within the club?

Well I am the PREZ. Levon is the Vice President. We also have “forced” people to be treasurer (Kelsie) which is basically counting all the cash when the bill comes, and Tallin is the secretary, so she takes notes and enters them in the doc. Leyla used to be the secretary but she missed too many meetings. Whenever she comes, though, she takes the ordering into her hands like a tru pizza bo$$ so I call her Pizza Club Den Mother. And then Jimmy is Spirit. LOL

How often do you meet?

We meet once a month! I’ll usually send out a newsletter at the beginning of the month, asking what day is best for everyone and we’ll decide what new spot to try. The newsletter also contains gifs and links to pizza-related news. Trust me, there is a LOT of pizza-related news these days. We’ve been wanting to make it even more legit, so I bought a website and am in the midst of building a blog for it so we can share all of our PIZZA FINDINGS with the rest of the world! I’ve actually had friends who wanted to start a pizza club of their own in their towns and I’ve given them my blessings! It would be rad to go MISTA WORLDWIDE like Pitbull. That is the SECOND Pitbull reference happening in this interview.

Which one of the pizzas you’ve had were you most attracted to, sexually?

This is tough because so many of them make me horny. I just want to put two hot slices on my tetas and walk around like I own the place. I have to say the best place that we went to was Michael’s Pizzeria in Long Beach, which was actually voted best in L.A. by Zagat. One that I think about a lot is Mozza’s Bianca pizza, which has crispy sage. I would totally take my top off like it was Mardi Gras just to have a couple of slices thrown at me right now.

If you were a type of pizza, what kind would you be?

I would be a thin crust, pineapple, and mushroom pizza with a side of really good ranch. That is my forever-favorite topping combo.

Do you have any tips for anyone else who wants to start a pizza club of their own?

Start it with people who are as passionate about the ‘za as you are. You want a good support system. Levon is actually a harsher pizza judge than me, but we have the same FIERY PASSION for our club. In this day and age with us living such busy lives, it’s hard to get everyone together all the time, so be chill about that. Sometimes our meetings are only three people, while other times it’s fifteen! And be welcoming. We have an open-door policy and welcome anyone who wants to come and have a good time over some delicious slices. However, one time some people came who didn’t like pizza and had already eaten, and that was a real boner-killer. Those people can stay home or make a club of their own.


Check out Agent Lover’s flawless blog, her Twitter, and her writing on Rookie, for more of the gothic chanclas you live for.

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