Why We’re Rooting for Bruce Jenner

by:   |   Mar 18 2015


I could give zero fucks about the Kardashians. I don’t care what they’re wearing, what Kim and Kayne named their baby, or whatever tanning beds the family likes best. I’ve got more interesting individuals to stalk on social media—people who are actually making art, being weird, and generally not perpetuating the shallow Hollywood-socialite stereotype that bores me so.

That being said, with the news of Bruce Jenner’s transition circulating in the media, I’ve been a little more interested in the Kardash scene. There’s been a spotlight on the trans community in the media lately, and hopefully, that conversation is helping trans individuals gain acceptance from people across the gender spectrum. Sure, there have been a few trans celebrities in recent years who’ve helped bring these issues to the forefront (Chaz Bono, Laverne Cox), but hearing about Bruce Jenner in particular felt monumental to me. Not only is he an Olympic athlete, but he’s a member of one of the most-watched celebrity families in America. Having that status is a massive gift or burden, depending on how you look at it—after all, everyone in the country’s watching (and scrutinizing) his transition. And impressively, Bruce’s family has said nothing but supportive things to the press about his transition. I may not be a Kardashian fan, but at least they’re acting like decent human beings on this one topic. Standing behind their stepfather’s decisions sends a really positive message.

We here at GAL aren’t interested in showing photos of his transition or critiquing his hairstyles/possible surgeries. That’s really not our business and it really doesn’t matter. (Speaking of which, shame on you, InTouch for that fake cover photo with the headline “Bruce’s Life as a Woman.” You’re tacky and cruel, and I wouldn’t even buy you at the airport.) But we are inspired by Bruce’s confidence to follow the path that feels right to him. It must not be easy to have the world watching such a personal and intimate experience. Hopefully, his transition will inspire deeper conversations about gender identity, and help open the minds of some. In honor of Bruce’s confidence, here are some pretty amazing images of him through the years. Let’s let them inspire us to blaze our own paths of truth, and give zero fucks about who does or doesn’t like it.


Linda Thompson and Bruce Jenner





Celebrity golfers attend Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Tournament pairing party in Palm Springs, California - Part 1 of 2



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