Know Your Drugs: Hallucinogens

by:   |   Mar 27 2015


If you’re less the “just say no” type and more of a “just tell me what you’ve got, and I’ll jam it up my nose” lady, you’re probably familiar with all the various, mysterious forms that drugs can take. But just in case you weren’t paying attention in health class, we’ve got a treat for you: GAL unearthed a vintage pamphlet on the “dangers of drugs,” and we’ll be introducing you to all the different species of mind-altering substances. We’ll learn valuable lessons (“Never get high off your own supply”) as well as tidbits on the shape, size, and effects of these babies.

Lesson 3: Hallucinogens! They come in the form of paper, or dried-up mushrooms, or liquid that you eye-dropper onto your tongue. (We swear they’re better than they sound.) When you take hallucinogens, you talk to photographs and spend an hour wrapped in a blanket, thinking you’re a carnitas burrito. Warning: If you take too many of these, Phish will start to sound good to you.


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