You Can’t Handle These Talk Show Audience Members

by:   |   Apr 1 2015

If you thought we were done talking about sleazy ’80s and ’90s talk shows, you were dead wrong. [slaps you lightly across the face, then apologizes nervously] Today, we’re going to take a trip into the vast underexplored realm called…the audience. Who are they, these shiftless weirdos who happily sit in a Ricki Lake studio for five hours, listening to a teen mom berate them? What do they want out of life? And, most importantly, why are they dressed SO AWESOMELY? Let’s reach out and touch them, shall we?

Riki Lake_dudes

Sally Jessy Peachy face

Sally Jessy Pineapple print

Sally Jessy_conch choker

Sally Jessy_noeon printSally Jessy_crying hair

Sally Jessy_red sweatshirt

Phil Donahue_1995


AudienceSally autumn scarf

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