The Return of Mauve, the Official Color of the 80s

by:   |   Apr 22 2015


I don’t think I’m alone in my confusing feelings surrounding the color mauve. Sometimes looking back on my childhood, I feel like I was just floating through a sea of mauve-colored rooms trying to make sense of the world. It was everywhere you looked: curtains, bathrooms, fashion, makeup… This color dances that fine line between pink, purple, brown, and grey.

If mauve were a person, it’d be full of complicated emotions—it goes from the pretty princess of colors to a deeply dank, sad place. It’s a color I spent way too much time with, and ultimately, I realized that we just weren’t right for each other. So I broke up with mauve immediately after I left for college, and never looked back. I made a promise to myself that I was leaving her behind forever. We just had too many memories together.

So I was surprised when recently I started thinking about mauve again. Maybe it’s because I’ve been holed up in my apt watching ’70s and ’80s episodic television, exposing me to WAY more mauve then a human should be forced to endure. And now I’m seeing things with fresh eyes. Somehow, her sad dusty tones have new meaning. They’re moody and awkward in a way I can get behind—sad and cheerfully pink at the same time. I hate to admit it, but I think I’m in love with mauve again! I know, it’s a lot to digest. I’ve compiled some images of mauve’s ghostly past and its future. So take a breath—you may not be ready for mauve, but it’s ready for you. 2eef351d1b753b9f9886c6b4af024f2c e6d60e3fe52fa44c0349a499b746498a

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