Murder She Wrote: White People Drinking Champagne

by:   |   May 5 2015

Okay, so technically it’s Cinco de Mayo, and we should be talking about the value of a good tequila shot, drunk out of somebody’s navel at Senor Froggy Bottoms or wherever. But let’s face it: Nothing says luxxxury, sensuality, and bold-faced bitchiness like a glass of champagne. Whether you’re planning on drinking it on a balcony, or just throwing it into the face of your ex-lover, it’s the drink that fits every occasion! Nobody knew this better than Jessica Fletcher, heroine of the seminal mystery program Murder She Wrote. If you, too, appreciate a fine glass of bubbly (or even a coffee mug full of lukewarm André), you simply must take a look at our carefully curated selection of white people drinking champagne on Murder She Wrote. Note: this post is best viewed while wearing nothing but a knee-length mink, but we’ll leave the dress code up to you.

MSW_champagne_1 MSW_champagne_2 MSW_champagne_7MSW_champagne_7MSW_champagne_8MSW_champagne_3 MSW_champagne_4 MSW_champagne_9MSW_champagne_5 MSW_champagne_6

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