The Search for Rainbow Harvest

by:   |   May 10 2015

My lovely pal and contributing GAL writer Julai Whipple brought a movie to my attention a while back, and it’s completely sucked me into its vortex. It’s a horror film called Mirror Mirror (1990), which starred my beloved Karen Black and my new obsession, the mysterious Rainbow Harvest.Mirror,_Mirror_FilmPoster

The film is your classic tale of the new unpopular goth girl in town who’s tormented by her peers. She soon finds a mirror that gives her magic powers that help her to avenge her enemies. This demonic mirror soon gains strength, and things get out of hand. Story as old as time, bébé. The movie isn’t particularly spectacular, other than the fact that it starred this mystery woman and the always-deranged Karen Black (my spiritual soul sister). I was particularly taken by Rainbow Harvest’s lewks in this flick—they really stimulated my inner New Wave goth. Who WAS this Boy George-esque vision?


Her oversized leather-daddy-meets-street-hoochie vibe is pretty fantastic:Harvest Rainbow4

Then we have this hat situation:Harvest Rainbow3

  An aggressive look with a tiny hat perched on a shaved head:

Harvest Rainbow2

Then she makes out with a bloody demonic mirror, and it’s kind of sexy. Whaaat?!

Harvest Rainbow

To say we’re intrigued is an understatement. Who ARE YOU, RAINBOW HARVEST?! What have you been up to? Besides Mirror Mirror and your earlier movie Old Enough (1984), not much comes up when we try and stalk you on the interwebs, and that’s a rare feat in this day and age.


I found a IMDB mini bio, which reads: “Little is known about the lovely actress who appeared in films from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. Many are surprised to know that her real name is indeed ‘Rainbow Harvest.’ She attended Charette Public (elementary) School 3 in New York from 1972-1978. She next attended New York Intermediary School 70 until 1980. From there, she was accepted in the prestigious Performing Arts High School in New York, Graduating in 1985. Rainbow debuted in her first film role at the age of sixteen, winning a leading role in Old Enough (1984). After a very successful film career in her teens and early twenties, she left the world of feature films.” I also came across a Facebook fan page , so I know there are others out there whose black empty hearts she’s touched. There are a few photo gems that some old theater friends posted, like this one.


Rainbow, if you can hear us, just know that we love your vibes. Please get in touch, and we can talk about demonic home decor, and listen to Duran Duran, and plot our revenge on every basic bitch who’s wronged us. Consider GAL your safe place to return to the public. You’re in good hands.


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  • Liv

    She looked so familiar when you first posted this and I was wondering what I had seen her in. I knew it was an episode of 21 Jump Street but I didn’t remember which, but I finally realized it was ‘Cory and Dean Got Married’ from the second or third season (I think).

  • toemasie .

    One of the coolest VHS boxes was Mirror Mirror. It had a prismatic-like mirror illusion on the cover. I own that, part 2, and part 3 ( with Billy Drago ) on VHS. Part 4 I own on DVD.
    Not sure my obsession with this movie. I think it’s because I’m a fan of Academy Entertainment and or whatever reason, liked the first movie so much.
    Surprising that Rainbow is so hard to find… considering that she’s got such an awesome name! Maybe she decided to stay clear from Hollyweird.

  • Bobbie

    She is married to Kevin Wixted (Growing Pains) whom she met on the set of 21 Jump Street. She has worked at Otis Elevator Company for 13 years.

  • Renee Ramsey

    Rainbow reminds me so much of Winona Ryder! Love them both.