Murder She Wrote: Bitchface Edition

by:   |   May 21 2015

Murder She Wrote ran for 12 years, had consistently high ratings, won and was nominated for a slew of awards, and had virtually everyone in Hollywood—including George Clooney, Cynthia Nixon, Joaquin Phoenix, Neil Patrick Harris, and Megan Mullally—appear on it as guest stars. (Seriously, it was the Law & Order of its day, check it out.) So why do the people in these stills look so PISSED?

Jaykay. We know that nobody who ever appeared on MSW had a bad day—they were just experts at portraying furious murderers, spoiled millionaires, and cranky art thieves. In order to demonstrate the soulful, incredible acting on MSW, we collected the top-quality bitchfaces that made this stellar program what it was. Take it away, Wrote-rs!

MSW_face3 MSW_face5 MSW_face6 MSW_face8 MSW_face9 MSW_face10 MSW_face12MSW_faces_17 copyMSW_faces_14MSW_faces_18 MSW_faces_19MSW_faces_24

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