Women and Watermelons

by:   |   Sep 24 2015

So I’ll admit it, I’ve been holding out on you guys. I am such a selfish dick. About a year ago, I was traveling in Thailand and I came across some stacks of Thai fashion mags from the 80s in an outdoor market. Of course, my brain exploded about how amazing they were. But found myself in a bit of a dilemma: Whatever I purchased, I’d have to lug around in the sweltering Southeast Asian sun all day. So I had to be selective. (The things I go through in the name of visual hoarding!) So I flipped through a few, and took about five with me. They’re chockfull of weird and delightful images that I’m finally starting to scan. And now I’m sharing them with YOU. Here’s a delicious series of women and watermelon that’s the perfect post-summer-hangover cure for your eyeballs.

Thai Watermon_1

Thai Watermelon_2



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